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     Brom was a mighty man, tall and broad. He was an adventurer known all across Erion for his might, his pride, and his love of drink.
One day, Brom was headed north from Harodun, riding on his most treasured possession: a beautiful white rouncy.
     As he neared the next town, he came upon a cat shifter sitting by the roadside on a blanket, with a keg of fine ale beside her. She had long red hair and round ears, and was pretty to look at.
     She hailed Brom and he came to sit beside her.
     "Will you let me ride your horse?" She asked. Brom laughed and told her no. "Well then will you at least drink with me?" The shifter asked.
     Now Brom loved drink, so he quickly agreed. The shifter proposed a game, and wagered three copper Nobles. 
     They hadn't drunk for very long when the shifter, already very pink in the face, declared she could drink no more.
Brom laughed at her for taking on a challenge she clearly couldn't win, and took his reward. 

     The next day, Brom left the town, heading back to Harodun. He saw the shifter girl still sitting by the road.
     The shifter called to him again, and pleaded with him to drink with her again.  This time, she bet Brom three silver Dukes that she could out-drink him.  Brom accepted.  They drank for some time, nearly three hours, before the shifter girl, quite drunk, declared she could drink no more.  Brom took his winnings and continued on to Harodun.
     When dawn came the next day, Brom made to travel south of Harodun.  As he rode, he suddenly came upon that same shifter.  She was sitting on the same blanket, with the same keg of ale, as before, only this time she was in a very different spot.  Confused, Brom approached her before she hailed him.
     “Mister, will you let me ride your horse?” She asked when he came near.  Again Brom told her no, and again she challenged him to a drinking contest.  This time, she bet him three gold Kings.  The two settled down to drink, and after three long hours, the shifter keeled over and fell asleep.  Brom laughed at that, but he did not leave yet.  Though he was arrogant, he was not unkind, and he dared not leave a girl asleep and alone by the side of the road.  So he waited for her to wake up.
     At last, she awoke, though by now it was getting close to evening.  The shifter promptly paid Brom what he was owed, but she didn’t let him leave.
     “I will out-drink you.” She declared, her words slurring with drunkenness. “I’d bet everything you’ve won from me times two on it!”
     Brom laughed. “You’re not even sobered up from the last round!” He said, “But if you’re so eager, then I’ll take you on once again!”
     “If I win this time, will you let me ride your horse?” The shifter asked.  Brom laughed again.
     “Shifter, if you win this time, I’ll give you my horse.” He declared.  And so they drank.  
     Brom was starting to wonder how, despite all their drinking, the shifter’s keg never seemed to run low.  They drank and drank, well into the night.  This time, the shifter kept pace with him, and even when he began to get very drunk, the shifter seemed not to be having any trouble at all.  
     Dawn arrived and still they drank.  Brom was very drunk now, but he refused to give in.  By the time the sun rose, Brom had finally had enough.  He fell back on the blanket, fast asleep.
     When he woke, the shifter was standing over him.
     “Thrice we drank, and thrice you won.” She said, “And thrice I always gave you what you’d earned.  Now I’ll be taking my prize.”  
     Brom tried to give chase as the shifter rode away on his prized horse, but his head was like lead and his legs like wet pasta.  
     And as the shifter rode away, laughing, Brom finally saw the trickster goddess Kurua for who she really was.
The Tale of Brom and Kurua
This is a tale from the folklore of the fantasy world Amayra, and it is one of several similar fables involving the trickster goddess.  It was invented by cat shifters, as a cautionary tale about pride.  It has variation, usually depending on the teller.  Sometimes, there are bawdier happenings, such as Kurua stripping off in her drunkenness.  The ending is different in other stories as well.  Sometimes, it ends with Kurua turning into a giant lion and eating the horse.

Cat shifters are fond of telling this story, especially to humans.  Whether or not it actually happened is unknown, but theologians agree that this seems like the sort of thing Kurua would do.  
Winston Cheslock Hammersmetcham III
A gnomish gunslinger I'm planning to play in Pathfinder. 'Cheslock' is a gnomish adventurer with a flair for bombast and excitement.  He favors two dragon pistols loaded with all manner of things from bullets and pellets to dragon's breath shots.
Rikk the Warforged Artificier
Rikk is a slightly unusual warforged, in that he is 2' 9" tall. He was designed by a gnomish artificier, and when his creator, whom he called father, died, Rikk took the gnome's name for his own. Rikk's full name is Rikk Clockwork Soldier Clockwork Eye. Clockwork Soldier is another name he took, after the death of his brother, a larger warforged built to protect him and his father in their pursuits.
Rikk is usually wrapped in robes, not because he is embarrassed of 'nudity' but because fee people trust warforged in the world he comes from. People also take him more seriously as an arcanist when he's dressed up like this.

To Phangorn, as my end of our art trade.  If you don't have Sapce Engineers, now might be a good time to get it.  But I will be uploading more pictures of the facility later.
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